Quantifying Success

A modern approach to benefits seeks to improve outcomes and your bottom line. That’s how we quantify success.

Employees get unlimited access to exclusive tools and resources designed to help them improve their personal and professional success.

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Greater Productivity

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Lower Absenteeism

Lower Turnover

More Value for Your Investment

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Cost Savings that Improve Your Bottom Line

Through Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) and Employee Care, our goal is to help you achieve every one of these.

Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) is a supplemental health benefits package that complements your major medical plan. PHMP provides resources that encourage employees to make lifestyle changes that directly benefit their well-being.


1. Employers may realize an annual average savings of up to $300+ per employee participating in the PHMP through reduction in payroll tax liability.

2. As your employees see improvements in their health and lifestyles, you may see a reduction in employee-filed claims, stabilizing the benefits and costs of your core medical plan offerings.


Employee Care bridges the gap between traditional benefits and the real issues many employees face. By addressing debt, paying bills, a lack of emergency savings, and more, Employee Care seeks to help people achieve greater emotional and physical well-being.

Employee Care ROI Goals

1. When employees get out of debt, establish emergency savings and a plan for long term success, they tend to be happier, more productive people.

2. Greater productivity and lower turnover lead to greater profits. That can produce a sustainable ROI and competitive advantage for your business.

Our goal is to partner with you to make your benefits have a greater impact on your people, your business, and your community.