Proactive Health
Management Plan

Proactive Health Management Plan Can Improve Results and Reduce Costs

Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) is a supplemental health benefits package that complements your underlying major medical plan. PHMP rewards employees for taking positive steps to improve their well-being while providing important savings to both the company and most employees.

Employees get unlimited access to exclusive tools and resources designed to help them improve their personal and professional success.

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Online Health Lessons

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Certified Dietary Assistance

Personalized Wellness Coaching

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Professional Lifestyle Counseling

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24/7 Access to Medical Professionals

PHMP provides FICA savings today and, by providing proactive health measures, may reverse declining employee health, which may reduce medical spending and allow employers to enhance benefit offerings at little additional cost. Self-insured and fully-insured groups may also see a reduction in claims utilization over time leading to more long-term savings.
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Employers may realize an annual average savings of up to $300+ per employee participating in the PHMP through reduction in payroll tax liability.


PHMP increases your current benefit offering. Better benefits and better health may add up to better business.

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As your employees see improvements in their health and lifestyles, you may see a reduction in employee-filed claims, stabilizing the benefits and costs of your core medical plan offerings.


By leveraging data collected through employee interactions, your company can customize future medical coverages to maximize coverage and minimize expenses from your current core benefit partner.

PHMP Can Help You

PHMP can help you mitigate the rising costs of healthcare and help your employees live happier and healthier lives. Let us show you an illustration of potential cost savings for your company.