Technology Firms

Problem – Not Enough Participation

We work with several clients in the technology fields.  Our experience and dedication allow us to understand the unique challenges of this rapidly growing industry and provide innovative solutions to meet their specific needs.



This company had a very sophisticated employee base that wanted access to cutting edge investment choices, yet also very low fee structures.  This kind of plan was very difficult for their investment committee to properly execute without guidance. They were constantly adding funds after they had become popular, and their results were predictably disappointing.


Our services were a good fit for this company because we have access to sophisticated employee presentations geared toward investors seeking institutional research and ideas. The committee saw our presentations and knew we were the right fit for their employees valuing information beyond the typical 401(k) language about raising your deferral and basic asset allocation discussions. They are happy with the investments they now have accessible in their investment menu. With the challenging fixed income environment, the plan has been offering floating rate funds, high yield bond funds and global bond funds to mitigate this difficult environment. Through diligent bench marking, the plan has a robust lineup of investment managers with a blend of passive and active management; all offered within a low cost fee environment.
Also, their key employees now have access to a fully diversified selection of investments like collective trusts and ETFs within the 401(k) plan. In addition, the employees have benefited from employee education materials not routinely offered in the industry. The employees are happy with the 401(k) benefit and employee retention has improved. This saved the company the costs associated with recruiting and training new employees constantly, which can be quite significant in their field.

A Strategic Partnership 

Also, through an introduction within our circle of clients, this company located another business that they were able to collaborate with on a project together benefiting both companies.

Our Value Proposition

Other technology firms will see the same challenges of keeping sophisticated employees happy with the best investments and lowest fees possible. Technology firms have a lot of competition for talented employees and an exceptional benefit program can often be the difference between hiring and retaining key employees.  Our services can help technology firms create the right benefits package to attract and retain the top talent in their field.